Vidya Malvade Calls 'Chak De' A Blessing, Shares YRF Didn't Let women Shoot Running Scenes During Periods

Vidya Malvade, who rose to popularity with her performance in Shah Rukh Khan-led sports drama 'Chak De India', recently opened up about how she considers the film "a blessing."

Vidya Malvade is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film 'Ruslaanstarring aayush sharma as the protagonist in the action entertainer. Vidya, who rose to popularity with her performance in Shah Rukh Khan-led sports drama 'Chak De India', recently opened up about how she considers the film "a blessing", YRF policies for shooting with 16 women, and more in an interview with bollywood Bubble.

Vidya Malvade calls 'Chak De' a blessing

Vidya Malvade essayed the role of vidya Sharma, the captain of the indian hockey team in the film. Talking about the film turning out as a blessing for her, she said, "I think I've always believed Chak De to be a blessingit's a blessing that never stops giving. I mean in today's day and age, look, there are so many films released every single week, there is so much OTT stuff, and we don't remember, forget the names, forget the names of the characters, we don't remember the names of the movies also, as in you know, what's released last week, and last month, and a year ago, and here we are, 16 years later, people still remember. Not just the film, but also all our names. And even now, when I walk on the street, there will still be catcalls of vidya Sharma."

Talking about her role in the film, she said, "I did not think about it before, I did not think about going to become like this, and my part is going to become like this, and anything I read, I liked it. I wanted to be a part of it, and we were all a part of it, and we were just shooting, there was nothing in the back of our heads, of course, we knew it was a yash Raj film, so it was like a nice thing, of course, you know, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan was in it."

Vidya on YRF's policies for women shooting during periods

Given the physically demanding nature of the shoot, vidya explained that YRF employed someone to track the menstrual cycles of the female cast. This measure was primarily aimed at allowing women on their periods to take breaks from physically strenuous activities like running shots and focus on other scenes instead. vidya commended the production's foresight in addressing such concerns, highlighting their attention to detail and care for the cast's well-being.

Talking about it in detail, she said, "I think I have to give this to yash Raj because there could have been a lot of chaos, we were 16 girls, not easy to handle us. There was detailed to the point where they had one aunty for us who knew when our periods would come, where we could not maybe do the shots of running around in the field, where one could get a breather because they are on their period and they could do something else.” Vidya added, “It was so beautifully planned like that. That needs to be given to yash Raj.”

On the work front, vidya Malvade will next be seen in Aayush Sharma's starrer 'Ruslaanwhich releases in theatres on april 26, 2024.

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