Aavesham: 'There is more to life than watching films' 'Aavesham' villain's statement created a stir on social media

Actor Fahadh fazil said something about cinema which has sparked debate on social media. South indian actor is continuously in the headlines for his film 'Aavesham'. South indian actor Fahadh fazil is getting a lot of appreciation for his role in the film 'Aavesham'. Fahadh got recognition among the hindi belt audience from Allu Arjun's film 'Pushpa: The Rise'. A statement by actor Fahadh Fazil, known for his versatility in Malayalam, Telugu, and kannada cinema, has sparked debate on social media. Fahadh said in an interview that there is more to life than watching movies.

Don't think too much about me

Fahadh talked about the audience's perception of himself and his films. He said, 'I have no idea about deadlines, I neither start things on time nor finish them on time. None of my projects are scheduled in advance. I just do things I'm curious about. I always tell my audiences that my only responsibility towards them is to make films worth watching. I don't want them to think about me or worry about what I'm doing in my life.

There is more than just movies

The actor further said, 'Don't take me seriously after leaving the theatre. Think about me only as long as you are in the cinema. I don't want people to talk about actors or their acting at the dinner table. Just discuss it in theaters or on the way back home. cinema is not beyond this, it also has its limits. There is a lot more to do in your life than watching movies.

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