Shubhangi Atre: Working 15-16 hours a day is now a professional compulsion, but if you go on leave, you must leave your mobile also.

Small-screen's cool actress Shubhangi Atre is also known for her cool thoughts. These days, she considers working for at least 15 hours in every profession a requirement of time but also says that along with working a lot, we should also take a lot of rest. We had four conversations with him about his philosophy of life.

Shubhangi says, ‘I feel that now there is hardly time for long summer holidays or even short holidays. Sometimes it feels like we don't even have time to breathe. Summer holidays now seem like childhood to me. In childhood, we all used to spend two months of summer holidays at our grandmother's house. Grandma used to cook delicious food for us and we had a lot of fun. Now all this has become like a dream.

Constantly increasing competition in the field of work is being seen everywhere. Shubhangi says, 'Not only actors, people of all professions work under pressure. pregnant women also often continue working until the eighth month. But, I believe it is important to take time for yourself. Life keeps moving forward at its own pace, but to remain stress-free it is also important to be with yourself.

Shubhangi gives the secret of her beautiful skin and her fitness to her lifestyle. She says, 'One must take out some time for oneself in the day. This break is essential to refresh yourself. This break will not magically relieve stress, but it does provide mental peace for those few days when we are busy with work for 10-15 hours.

And, most importantly, Shubhangi Atre points out the distance from technology. She says, ‘Being available on the phone is the need of the hour. But, I want to emphasize that mobile phones, especially smartphones, should also be given up during holidays. The one who needs to reach you will find a way.

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