What did Jaya Prada say after the death of the actress?

Sridevi had made everyone crazy with her acting as well as beauty. Even though sridevi is not among us today, fans still like to watch her films. Everyone was shocked by the sudden demise of the actress. At the time when sridevi was making waves in the film world, jayaprada entered B-Town to compete with her. There was no dearth of talent in jayaprada too. Although there was a cold war between the two, let us know what jayaprada did for sridevi after her death.

Fans were crazy about the acting of jayaprada and Sridevi.

Just as Sridevi's acting was liked, people were also crazy about Jaya Prada. There was strong competition between the two. But sridevi and Jaya Prada did not like each other at all. The figure between the two was 36. sridevi and Jaya Prada had worked together in about eight films, but still, there was no talking between them. jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna, both their heroes, tried many times to get them to talk to each other but failed.

When Jeetendra's attempt was not successful

Sridevi and Jaya Prada used to avoid glances at each other. It is said that during the shooting of the film Maqsav, Rajesh Khanna, and jeetendra had locked him in the room so that they could talk to each other. But after a long time, when the door was opened, both of them were sitting in different corners. This cold war started during the film 'Nagin'.

Jayaprada remembered sridevi after her death

The film Naagin was offered to Jaya Prada before sridevi, but later sridevi became its lead actress. However, when sridevi died, Jaya Prada had made two posts remembering her. In the first post, jayaprada shared a photo with sridevi and wrote in the caption, 'Your smile will always be alive in our hearts.'

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