The action begins! 'Cook with komali Season 5'... Do you know who are the celebrities who will compete?

Cook with komali Season 5 is about to start in a few days... the promo of the celebrities who are going to compete in it is now out. Among the reality shows aired on Vijay tv, the stress buster show that has attracted a lot of fans is 'Cook with Komali'. It was expected that 'Cook with Komali' season 5 will start next month after the end of Bigg Boss. But there was a delay in starting the show.Following this, venkatesh Bhatt, the producer, director, and judge of the 'Cook With Komali' show, left the show, raising doubts about the show's launch. But now Vijay tv has confirmed that the show will start with a new team... brand new clowns, with Madhampatti Rangarajan as the stylish moderator. Accordingly, while Cook with komali season 5 is about to start on april 27, the promo of this show is being released one after another. While the video was released yesterday to announce the identity of the clowns, now the announcement of the contestants who are going to play for Cook this time has been released. Accordingly, this time some unexpected celebrities have participated. Sherlyn Zoya, Akshay Kamal, Actress divya Duraisamy, music Director srikanth Deva, Super singer Pooja, Food Reviewer Irrfan, Pandyan Star Serial Actor Vasanth Vasi, Host Priyanka, VTV Ganesh, and Serial Actress Sujitha are scheduled to attend. Expectations for the show have also increased as many unexpected celebrities have come to the show as cooks. It is noteworthy that the fans are also getting ready to watch the show

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