Ashish, who gained notoriety for his upbeat roles in the Rowdy Boys films, is about to take audiences on an engrossing trip into the world of romantic horror with his next picture, "LOVE ME: If You Dare." With this unexpected change in direction, viewers can expect an exciting cinematic experience that will have them on the edge of their seats.
The project gains even more buzz with Vaishnavi chaitanya cast in the lead role. Her charisma and skill will undoubtedly give her and ashish a strong rapport that will make for an engrossing on-screen romance. The partnership between "Dilraju Productions"'s Harshith reddy and Hanshitha reddy, the producers of the blockbuster Balagam, raises the bar even higher by guaranteeing a harmonious union of creative originality and feasibility.

Every detail counts in the world of romantic horror. The creators of #Ashish3 have a keen understanding of this and have created a film that is both gripping and spine-chilling. With hints of a plot that will stick with viewers long after the credits have rolled, Shirish's presentation of the movie builds even more excitement for the venture. The release of the movie is postponed to May 25, 2024!


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