One of Nani's greatest hits, dasara brought in 100 crores at the movie office. Deekshith Shetty, a kannada actor, played yet another important part in the movie and received a lot of praise. However, few are aware that gv prakash, an actor and music director, was initially contacted by nani and director srikanth Odela to take up the role.
However, Prakash was too busy to complete it. When gv prakash broke this news during a press conference in Hyderabad, it took everyone by surprise. Since the news has leaked, everyone believes that GV Prakash's arrival would have made dasara even more memorable.

However, Deekshith is likewise in no way inferior and performed admirably in the part. That kind of thing has happened previously as well. Several famous performers, like dasara, have shown interest in being in huge films in the past but were unable to do so due to their hectic schedules.  It's worth noting that nani and srikanth Odela have reunited for a political thriller. It would be intriguing to see if gv prakash is able to feature. GV Prakash's next movie, DeAR, got released on april 12, 2024.  

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