Vijay's career took a serious hit following the catastrophic Liger, and the two films that followed did not provide him with the much-needed respite either. There was a bad conversation between kushi and the newest Family Star. The actor has high hopes for Vijay's next VD12 in jersey Maker's direction, however there are currently some casting changes in progress.
The female lead for VD12, sree Leela, was already revealed. sree Leela, however, is said to have left the movie owing to unanticipated delays and other reasons, and a new female has since been cast by the producers in sree Leela's stead. The first role Bhagyasree Borse signed was alongside Raviteja in the film Mr. Bachchan. The film is now under production, and she has apparently been cast as the lead in VD12. The Premalu girl Mamitha Baiju was also considered by the VD12 directors for the heroine part, but bhagyashree Borse ultimately won it.
With the film jersey, gautam Tinnanuri gained enormous recognition, and VD12 is sure to be compelling and powerful as well. Even if the delay was more than anticipated, VD12 is expecting great things. watch out this space for more updates.

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