For many fans, trivikram directing mahesh babu in guntur Kaaram evoked strong feelings. Because of their prior films, khaleja and Athadu, the combo has a huge fan base. Unfortunately, guntur Kaaram let them down in several ways. The movie was instantly rejected by the audience because it was so cheesy and manufactured.
Three months have passed and not a single actor from the film has openly discussed the disaster. Jagapathi Babu discussed his role in guntur Kaaram and how he did not enjoy it in the film for the first time. This is one of Jagapathi Babu's candid speeches on his guntur Kaaram.

Jagapathi Babu freely acknowledges that guntur Kaaram was not his favourite. "To be really honest, even though I've always loved working with mahesh babu, I didn't enjoy guntur Kaaram." The portrayal worked well at first, but later on it got sloppy, and it was really hard for me to wrap up the shoot. I took care of business as usual. It should be the greatest, and I don't want to waste our combinations on bad movies.
Jagapathi Babu appears to have been let down by guntur Kaaram as well. In guntur Kaaram, Jagapathi Babu portrayed a less-than-serious villain, and the role lacked any impact.

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