It has now come to light that another dance expert has truly made it into filmmaking: choreographer Vijay Binni. In the past, directors like lawrence and amma rajasekhar have directed a few films, but only a small number of them were successful. The former is still directing films today. This is the most recent addition.

While their bollywood counterparts frequently direct films, several choreographers from the current generation of professionals, such as Jaani and sekhar VJ, have refrained from doing so. But Ganesh master, who is well-known for penning several songs for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, is making his directorial debut. His first feature film, which is being released today, will be directed by him and star Prabhas' cousin.

In other words, choreographers who have recently shifted their focus to direction have done a good job with images and emotions, but they haven't given the plot and character journey any thought. With the exception of Vijay Binni's Naa Saami Ranga, unsuccessful choreographers were others. Once his debut film hits theatres, we'll have to wait and see what category this famous dancing master Ganesh will belong to. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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