Regarding "Pushpa 2," the one obvious observation is that there are two oddities to discuss between the initial look and the most current teaser. First of all, many people thought sukumar had published a teaser for the film when he shared the first glance. And now that the teaser has been revealed, it seems like only a quick peek. And that now begs a lot of questions.

In Sukumar's opinion, he is not some inexperienced filmmaker who releases films carelessly since he consistently knows how to sell films. In light of this, the filmmaker could have issued a teaser earlier without using any dialogue, but instead, he included an entire scenario demonstrating pushpa Raj's disappearance. And now, he couldn't think of a single dialogue for it despite a teaser that seemed intriguing. Many speculate that this might be a plot device suggesting that pushpa 2 would have a lot of components that are surprising, reversed roles, and have contradictory dimensions.

Without a doubt, sukumar did not unintentionally refer to his peek as a teaser and his teaser as a glimpse, but there may be more to it than that. pushpa 2: The Rule, which stars Allu Arjun, rashmika mandanna, and Fahad Fassil in the key roles, opens in theatres nationwide on august 15.

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