Sachin Tendulkar fell in love with anjali at the age of 17, there was an interesting meeting at the airport. 

Here we are going to tell you about the love story of legendary cricketer sachin tendulkar, about which very few people would know. Let us tell.

Sachin Tendulkar is considered the Indian 'God of Cricketand is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. Born on 24 april 1973 in Dadar (Bombay) to Marathi novelist and poet Ramesh Tendulkar and Rajni, Sachin always wanted to become a cricketer. He started his career at the age of 16 and since then, the 'Master Blasterhas created countless records.

Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly the king of cricket and has always ruled the field, but the one who rules his heart is his better half, anjali Tendulkar. sachin tendulkar married anjali Mehta in 1995. Sachin and anjali started their parenthood journey in 1997 with the birth of their daughter Sara Tendulkar. Two years later, in 1999, his son arjun tendulkar was born, after which his family was complete.

Anjali is six years older than Sachin, but despite this age never came in the way of their relationship. It was anjali who contacted Sachin. In a throwback interview, anjali talked about her love story with Sachin Tendulkar. Let us tell you.

Anjali Tendulkar talked about a love story with Sachin Tendulkar

While talking to Harsha Bhogle during a program, anjali Tendulkar talked about her love story with Sachin Tendulkar. He had revealed that when he saw Sachin for the first time, he did not even know who he was. 

Anjali had said, “I had no interest in cricket, so I didn't know about Sachin, but when I saw him, I thought he was really cute and I ran after him. In those days there was a viewing gallery at the airport, so I was looking for my mother, who had come from England. I forgot about my mother and Sachin! Sachin! She ran after him screaming. Sachin became very embarrassed. He was just looking down. He didn't even look at me."

When anjali was telling her story, Sachin interrupted her and said that he had only seen the color of her T-shirt. Later, anjali found Sachin's telephone number talked to him, and told him everything about her feelings. In Anjali's words, “I was studying medicine and was in my final year. I went to college the next day and by then I was told that he was a cricketer. My friend studied with me and he also played cricket. I grabbed her and said, 'You have to do one thing for me.You have to get me Sachin Tendulkar's number. He got me the number. When I called Sachin, Sachin never picked up the phone, but that day he picked up the phone.”

When Sachin picked up Anjali's call, she introduced herself and said that she was the same girl who met him at the airport. After listening to her, Sachin said that he remembered her and Anjali asked him what she was wearing when she met him at the airport. To this, Sachin replied and said, 'You were wearing an orange colored T-shirt.So anjali was surprised to hear this and realized that Sachin had also noticed her.

When sachin tendulkar changed his disguise for a movie date with Anjali

Sachin was a very popular cricketer, so going on a date with anjali was not easy for him. While giving an interview to a magazine, anjali recalled an incident from their dating days, where both of them had gone to watch the movie 'Rojawith some common friends. To avoid everyone's attention, Sachin went to watch the movie in disguise, wearing a fake beard and glasses. He entered the theater a little late, but during the interval of the film, his glasses fell and the cricketer was surrounded by his fans. In such a situation, Sachin and anjali had to leave the film midway.

Anjali Tendulkar left her career for sachin tendulkar and her children

Anjali Tendulkar left her career as a successful pediatrician for her family and children. In an interview, anjali revealed that she never had any regrets about leaving her successful career. Anjali had said, “I could not have made my career without marrying Sachin, but it was not possible because he depended on me for almost everything. This was my decision. This would not have been possible with Sachin not being around and my two children being at home. I took a decision and I've never regretted it."

Sachin Tendulkar is the pride of india and has inspired millions of people, but the man behind his spectacular victory is his wife Anjali. For now, what do you have to say about their love story? Please let us know by commenting.

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