Tollywood star Vijay devarakonda recently graced the screens with "Family Star", helmed by parasuram and backed by the renowned producer Dil Raju. Despite the high anticipation as a summer blockbuster, the film's reception was mixed, delighting family audiences but failing to resonate with the youth.

Currently, devarakonda is engrossed in his project with gautham Tinnanuri, which commenced before "Family Star" but encountered a pause midway. Now, he is swiftly wrapping up the shooting for VD12, a periodical spy thriller. Although details remain scarce, filming appears to be progressing briskly, with director Gautham's undivided attention on the project.

However, there's been a setback as young actress Srilila has opted out of the film. Consequently, rumors are rife about her replacement, with speculations pointing towards Premulu beauty Mamita Baiju or bhagyashree Borse, known for her role in "Mr. Bachchan".

Renowned music director Anirudh Ravichander's involvement has raised expectations for the film's music, with many anticipating sensational songs. Yet, a surprising development has emerged regarding the soundtrack. Reports suggest that the movie will feature no original songs, opting solely for background scores to maintain the story's mood and intensity. Even if songs are included, they are likely to serve as background music for emotional scenes.

This unexpected decision has left netizens and movie enthusiasts astounded, with some questioning the necessity of this experiment. Despite the uncertainty, Devarakonda's supporters are hopeful for his success, urging the makers to ensure a hit regardless of the approach taken. As fans await the outcome, the film's direction and reception remain to be seen.

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