Rupali Ganguly remembered her long labor pain, said- 'I was told that I could not conceive'

Recently, tv actress rupali Ganguly revealed how she happily endured labor pains for nine hours during the birth of her son Rudransh. Let us tell you.

Famous actress in the television industry Rupali Ganguly has gained immense popularity with her serial 'Anupama'. She started her career with the character of 'Monisha Sarabhaiin the hit sitcom 'Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai'. In her personal life, she is married to Ashwin K Verma, who has left his career behind and is raising his son Rudransh himself, so that he can support his wife's career.

Rupali Ganguly told how doctors always told her that she would not be able to have a child.

In a conversation with 'India Forum', Rupali Ganguly narrated unheard stories from her personal life and revealed how for a long time doctors had told her that she would never be able to give birth to a child. Apart from this, the actress was even said that to become a mother she would have to go for fertility treatments like IVF. Luckily she finally gave birth to her son Rudransh naturally. Talking about that moment, rupali claimed that she always wanted a normal delivery, so that she could experience the pain of labor in the real sense after being told the impossibility of becoming a mother. 

She said, “For many years doctors told me that I could not conceive and that I would have to undergo IVF or other procedures. However, when I expected Rudransh naturally, I wanted a normal delivery. This was because I wanted to experience the pain of labor. Every minute of my labor was precious. You know how when you're told you'll never get somethingbut you finally get it, you want to cherish it with all your heart.”

Rupali Ganguly talked about cherishing every moment of her 9-hour labor pain.

Speaking on the same lines, rupali then revealed that she was in nine-hour-long labor pain, which started in the morning. The actress revealed that she was not admitted to the hospital till the evening and said that she cherished every moment of the labor pain. Rupali said that she was probably an unusual woman, who both cried and laughed during delivery.

In her words, “I was remembering every moment since the labor pain started around 11 in the morning. I reached 'Breach Candy Hospitalaround 8 pm. When I went into labor for the first time there, I was so happy, I was ecstatic. For the first time, anyone would have seen that a woman was crying and laughing at the same time. This was because I never thought that I would experience labor pain, so I was very happy and very touched that god had allowed me to experience this feeling.

Rupali talks about that special moment when she saw her son Rudransh for the first time

At the end of the interview, rupali Ganguly told about the happy moment of her life, when she saw her child Rudransh for the first time after coming into the world. Comparing that moment to a case of love at first sight, the lovely mother said, “When I saw Rudransh for the first time, it was love even before ‘love at first sight’. What is it called falling in love at first sight? This happened to me when I saw Rudransh for the first time.

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