Salman Khan Jokingly Interrupts Shy ranbir kapoor During Promotion Of His First Film 'Saawariya'

Check out an old video of debutant ranbir kapoor getting nervous and shy while talking about director Bhansali. 

Ranbir Kapoor made his acting along with sonam kapoor with Saawariya in 2007. The music, production design, and performances of the actors were praised, howeverthe script and pace of the film were criticized upon release. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali-helmed film bombed at the box office because it competed with 'Om Shanti Om', starring Shah Rukh Khan. Now, we dig into an old video of the debutant ranbir kapoor getting nervous and shy while talking about director Bhansali. 

The video is from one of the press conferences of ‘Saawariya’ where Ranbir was joined by rani Mukerji and salman Khan. Ranbir looked extremely nervous as he took the stage to promote his first film.

He can be heard saying, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Namaskar. Mr sanjay leela bhansali sir has…”

Salman stopped Ranbir mid-sentence to joke, "has whacked us throughout the whole film,in an attempt to uplift his spirits.

Rani Mukerji couldn't control her laughter and said “It’s okay Ranbir”.

Nervously, Ranbir thanked the director saying, “You've given my family the honour and respect. And, I promise sir, I will strive to work harder. So that you always say that I was worthy of this tribute sir. Thank You.”

The crowd began to cheer in approval as soon as Ranbir concluded his speech. Meanwhile, rani also patted his shoulder.

In the comment section, fans gushed about Ranbir. One fan said, "He has always always been humble, unlike all other so-called heroes, no tantrums even after he's star now,while another one wrote, "RK became genius in acting with time!"

One user noticed, "The way he is holding the mic so tight and his hand is shaking.

Ranbir Kapoor says sanjay leela bhansali was strict

In an interview with neha dhupia for her podcast No Filter Neha in 2016, Ranbir recounted a time when Bhansali was a strict taskmaster. He shared, "He (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) was a hard taskmaster, and I was kneeling on set; he was beating me... After a point, it got so heavy that I felt so tortured that I had to quit the film. I think it was like 10 or 11 months into my job, and I am like, 'Listen, I can't do this; it's getting to me.I think I am too sensitive and emotional, and he got to know me so well, and he kind of kept poking into that. He got too much and went crazy as far as I was concerned."

About 'Saawariya

'Saawariyais an adaptation of White Nights, a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky published in 1848. Both salman khan and rani Mukerji made brief appearances in the flick. On november 9, 2007, ‘Saawariya’ was released. Thus, it has been almost seventeen years since the film's debut.

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