Why This Man Is A Sensation Among Tourists?

The next time you are taking a stroll down Visakhapatnam’s famous beach Road, do not be surprised to find a standing gold statue somewhere in the middle of the road. The catch is that it is not a statue but a man painted in golden colours and standing motionless for the entertainment and amusement of passersby. There are various skills that today’s youth cash in on for making a livelihood, and this young man named pradeep Ghosh is utilising his skills of staying motionless for minutes in a stretch.

This young man has become a local sensation near the submarine on beach Road in Visakhapatnam. Known as the “Standing gold Man,” he stands perfectly still, painted in gold, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike. The concept of standing still as a living statue is commonly seen in other countries, but pradeep has brought this unique form of street performance to Visakhapatnam, where it has quickly become a popular attraction.

Visitors are drawn to Pradeep’s act, and they rarely leave without taking a selfie with him. His presence has become a highlight on beach Road, and people often stop to shake hands and interact with him. pradeep shared that he hails from kolkata and moved to Visakhapatnam about eight months ago. He can be found on the beach every evening from 5 PM to 9 PM, where he performs his act of standing still for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

This innovative performance is not just a form of entertainment but also Pradeep’s livelihood. He mentioned that he earns between one thousand to three thousand rupees a day, depending on the crowd and the day. The support and appreciation he receives from the public have been crucial in sustaining his unique profession.

Pradeep can usually be found near the Submarine Kurusura on Visakhapatnam Beach. He was inspired to start this act after seeing similar performances on social media and believed it would be well-received in his city. His intuition proved correct, as he now enjoys a steady stream of admirers and patrons.

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