Abdu Rozik upset with the comments of trolls?

Bigg Boss Season 16's youngest contestant Abdu Rojik is very happy these days. The reason for their happiness is the engagement of the singer. Recently Abdu Rojik had engaged with Amira and shared her photos on social media. During this time, many people congratulated him, but there were many people who also made objectionable and bad comments on this post. After a few days of sharing the pictures, Abdu reacted to the trolling. He has given a befitting reply to the trolls.

‘I am saddened by the bad behaviour’

A video of Abdu Rojik is going viral on Instagram. In which he is saying, thank you to all those who congratulated and blessed me, but apart from the good news, there are some bad things going on here, about which I have to talk to you guys. I want to say that people who are making negative comments and making fun of me and behaving badly is very sad.

'If I am young then why can't I marry?'

Abdu said, imagine that Amira and her family would be reading these comments. We had shown those pictures publicly to everyone after a lot of discussion, but now it is becoming like a nightmare for us. You people are writing wrong things on the photos, making fun of me and calling the photos fake. Do you think I can't get married because I'm young? I can't be happy?

'Respect each other'

Abdu Rozic wrote for the trolls, please respect each other. Such jokes are harmful for us, they affect us mentally. We have to first learn to love and be kind and then teach others. Sometimes I too was ashamed of my height. Many people used to hide children who look like me, but Alhamdulillah, I and all people like me have to stand strong.

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