Kangana Ranaut has crores of rupees deposited...

Bollywood actress kangana ranaut is going to contest the lok sabha elections this time. bjp has given ticket to the actress from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. In such a situation, kangana has filed her nomination. Along with the nomination, the actress has also submitted her net worth affidavit, according to which the actress is the owner of property worth more than Rs 90 crore. According to the affidavit, kangana ranaut has assets worth Rs 91.50 crore. Apart from luxurious houses, cars and jewellery, the actress also has crores of rupees deposited in the bank. kangana has more than Rs 2.5 crore in different bank accounts in Mumbai.

Crores of rupees are deposited in 8 banks

kangana ranaut has 7 bank accounts in mumbai and one in Mandi, i.e. a total of eight bank accounts, in which a total of Rs 2 crore 55 lakh 86 thousand 468 are deposited. The actress has two accounts in IDBI bank, one of which has deposits of Rs 1 crore seven lakh and the other has Rs 22 lakh. kangana also has an account in bank of Baroda in which there is a deposit of Rs 15,189.49.

There is only this much money in the market account

kangana also has an account in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, from where the actress is going to contest elections. kangana ranaut has only Rs 7099 deposited in her bank of Baroda account.

How much jewelery does the actress have?

Let us tell you that kangana ranaut also has a lot of diamond, gold and silver jewellery. The actress has diamond jewelery worth Rs 3 crore, gold jewelery worth Rs 5 crore and silver jewelery and utensils worth Rs 50 lakh.

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