Rakhi Sawant Has Tumour In UterusSays Ex-Husband Ritesh, Adil Durrani Claims It's All 'DramaTo Escape Jail

Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Ritesh has revealed that she was hospitalized due to chest and stomach pain. He stated that after undergoing several tests, doctors identified a tumor in Rakhi's uterus.

Rakhi Sawant Hospitalised

 Rakhi Sawant sent shockwaves across the internet on tuesday night when images of the actress in a hospital surfaced on social media. Now, Rakhi's former spouse, Ritesh raj Singh, has provided an update on her health. Rakhi had previously introduced Ritesh as her husband during her stint on bigg boss 15.

Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh shares an update on her health

In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Ritesh revealed that Rakhi was hospitalized due to chest and stomach pain. He stated that after undergoing several tests, doctors identified a tumor in Rakhi's uterus. Ritesh expressed concerns that Rakhi might have cancer, but definitive conclusions await the results of further tests.

He said, "She was admitted to the hospital last night after she complained of chest pain. Doctors are looking after her. They have discovered a tumor in her uterus. She had pain in her stomach too. Doctors have suspected that it might be cancer. Tests are being done. Doctors have proposed surgery but they want to check first if it is cancer or not."

Urging everyone to pray for Rakhi's speedy recovery, Ritesh said, "This is not a matter of joke. Rakhi has created an image for herself where people think it’s all drama. If Rakhi is critical, then she is critical. The story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf is often repeated with her. The same scene has happened here. Now, when she is critical, a section of people think she is creating controversy, while others think she is pretending. Those who truly know her, please wish her well, and pray for her. She will recover soon."

For the unaware, Rakhi and Ritesh got married in 2019. The couple appeared in the salman Khan-hosted celebrity reality show bigg boss 15 but parted ways soon after the show ended in february 2022.

Adil Durrani calls Rakhi's health issue fake

Rakhi's other ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani, who has levied charges on the actress for leaking their sexually explicit private videos to the media, has called her health concerns "fakeand all "dramaand an attempt to escape jail sentence.

Talking to News18, Adil said, "There are no medical reports. Doctors haven’t said anything. We don’t know which hospital she is in. If it is a heart attack, I think patients generally need oxygen masks but she (Rakhi Sawant) does not have that too. She is doing this only because she has to surrender to the cops soon. This is only a drama to escape going to jail.”

Rakhi Sawant hospitalised

As per several pictures shared by a paparazzi account on tuesday, Rakhi was seen lying on a hospital bed with a pulse oximeter clipped onto her fingertip and an intravenous cannula to her left hand. The pictures went viral on social media in no time.

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