How much property does hema malini have?

Actress turned politician hema malini is the bjp candidate from mathura Lok Sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh. hema has also given details of her assets in the affidavit while filing nomination. According to this

Hema Malini has jewelery worth Rs 3 crore 39 lakh, 39 thousand 307. Her husband dharmendra also has jewelery worth Rs 1 crore 75 lakh 8 thousand 200.

  The total value of Hema's assets deposited in the bank is Rs 12 crore 98 lakh 2 thousand 951, while her husband dharmendra has assets worth Rs 17 crore 15 lakh 61 thousand 453.

According to the affidavit, hema has Rs 18 lakh 52 thousand 865 in cash while dharmendra has Rs 43 lakh 19 thousand 16 in cash.

  Talking about land, hema has a total of 20 lakh 91 thousand 3 thousand 360 immovable property. Whereas her husband dharmendra has immovable property worth Rs 93 lakh 67 thousand 813.

Apart from all this, hema has a loan of Rs 1 crore 42 lakh 21 thousand 695 and her husband dharmendra has a loan of Rs 49 lakh 67 thousand 402.

  hema malini has different properties worth about Rs 1 billion 13 crore 60 lakh 51 thousand 610. Whereas her husband dharmendra has bungalows and other assets worth Rs 1 billion 36 crore 7 lakh 66 thousand 813.

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