Sold lemonade in childhood-now become highest paid actress!!!

Everyone has a past. Some are very good and some are very bad. But not everyone has the courage to talk openly about their past. Most people avoid talking about their past, but there is one bollywood actress who has always talked openly about her past, no matter how bad it was. She has always stood strongly in front. He has no shame about his past. He has done all kinds of work in his childhood and about which he had told in an interview. The actress we are talking about is none other than Sunny Leone. sunny leone is the best and beautiful actress of Bollywood. Today we will tell you about the struggles of his childhood days. He has done many odd jobs in his childhood.

Sold lemonade

Sunny's real name is Karanjit Kaur. He was born in a Sikh family of Canada. Sunny used to live in canada with her family earlier but after some time, she shifted to the US in her teenage years. Where he did many types of jobs. He did many small jobs. With the help of his parents, he started selling lemonade. Apart from this, he has done many works like removing snow, raising funds, distributing newspapers, mowing the lawn and taking care of children. In an interview given to Cosmopolitan India, Sunny had said - I have done many works. From shoveling snow to raising funds for my school's basketball team to mowing the lawn and babysitting, there was hardly a task I wasn't involved in.

Bullying in bollywood

In an interview given to Times of India, Sunny had told that at the beginning of her career, her co-star in bollywood had bullied her. He said - Some part of that bullying has been there my whole life, which is not a good feeling. But I think, for people bullying is a circle, it goes around and around so usually when we see people who have been bullied they go on to bully other people. If reports are to be believed, sunny leone had charged the highest fee for item songs. This is the highest fee in hindi cinema. According to the report, the actress had charged Rs 3 crore for the song Laila.

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