Heeramandi actress told what to eat and what not?

On May 1, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series Heeramandi was released on Netflix. This series of 8 episodes was liked a lot and its success party was also held in Mumbai. Many actresses were seen in important roles in this series and one of them is Richa Chadha. In february this year, Richa had given the good news of pregnancy through her official instagram handle. During this time, she is taking strict care of her eating and drinking habits. Richa Chadha spoke openly about food during pregnancy. She said that every woman has different food desires because every pregnancy is unique. Let us tell you what Richa said regarding food and drink during this period?

Diet routine of 'Hiramandi' actress Richa Chadha

Speaking to IANS, Richa Chadha said, 'A lot is said about pregnancy cravings in women. I think it varies from woman to woman, because every pregnancy is unique. Richa consumed completely healthy things in the first three months. He said, in the first trimester, I had a lot of craving for healthy food items like raw tomatoes, namkeen and olives. After this, in the second trimester, she started craving cold things. She started drinking cold things like coconut water, lemon water and sometimes a lot of kombucha.

Although the cravings have reduced, the actress now eats only home-cooked food. She said, “As I am getting closer to the third trimester, I feel the cravings are decreasing. Due to the baby taking up more space, the size of the stomach starts decreasing. I mostly like home-cooked, clean food... lots of fruits, salads and dal and rice.


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