Shekhar suman Couldn't Tell His wife About...?

Shekhar Suman, who recently starred in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web series Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, talked about a scene where his character has oral sex with Manisha Koirala’s character in a carriage. He mentioned in an interview that he couldn’t even tell his wife about the scene and suggested she watch it in the final show. He said that people are starting to understand and like the emotional depth of the scene, which shows a nawab struggling with his social status and money because of the british and the courtesans.

“People are slowly understanding the carriage scene and are appreciating it . The pathos of the nawab that’s hidden inside it. The way he is being treated by circumstances, some created by Britishers and some by the tawaifs. He is hanging in the middle,” he said.

Shekhar said that he couldn’t even tell his wife, Alka, what he did that day. “I couldn’t even tell my wife what he is doing. When I came back from the shoot, she said you did a scene and you are not telling me about it. I said ‘woh batane layak hai hee nahi aur karke dikhane layak toh bilkul bhi nahi. Woh tum seedha hi dekh lena’ (It’s not worth talking about and absolutely not worth being performed. You watch it in the final cut.)”

Talking about the same scene, shekhar suman had earlier told Radio City, “So, this scene, where my character is drunk, it was a normal sequence but he felt the subtext of the sequence was different. So, he suggested we do it differently, where I am doing this mid-air… He asked, ‘Are you open for it? If not, that is okay,’ because the scene can turn out really ridiculous, it is a fine line, a tightrope. But I was up for it, and told him main bilkul karuga and we just went into it.” He added, “It was done in one take. It was a long scene and we did it the first take itself. Once it was one, sanjay leela bhansali came and said, ‘Magnificent! Pack up!’ After that, people from the unit came to me and said, ‘Sir aapki wajah se humare 6-7 ghante bach gaye, we are getting over early!’”

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