Scandal in the name of audition with Heeramandi's 'Taj', had to pay Rs 10,000, spilled the pain of the actor

Actor Taha Shah, who became famous by playing the role of Nawab Tajdar in Heeramandi, has become a national crush. Meanwhile, he shared a lot while remembering his days of struggle.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series Heeramandi is in the news these days. Every character is garnering a lot of limelight. Meanwhile, actor Taha Shah Badussha, who played the role of Tajdar Baloch in the series, is also in the news. He has even become a national crush for many female fans. Meanwhile, the actor has made many shocking revelations. He spoke openly about his struggling days and told how many papads he had to roll for this role.

Taha Shah badusha recently talked about his early days in the film industry in an interview and how he was cheated even after paying money to audition. In a conversation with Instant Bollywood, the actor said, 'I admit it on camera, I go to parties to make contacts. It didn't help immediately, but now, everyone will answer my phone. I've tried calling casting directors and they haven't picked up the phone for six years. I used to make 40 calls every day'

Taha narrated an anecdote from his audition days and how he used to stand in the queue for 13 hours. However, he distanced himself from that project because it had kept him on hold for four years. He also told that he has been cheated many times in his quest to get work. He told that he has paid Rs 10,000 for the audition.

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