How did Rafiq Chaudhary join lawrence Bishnoi gang? 

Important information related to Harpal Singh, arrested in the firing case outside the house of bollywood actor salman khan, has come to light. Harpal Singh had helped the accused Mohammad Rafiq Chaudhary, who was arrested for funding the shooters in this case, to join the lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Mumbai police said that Mohammad Rafiq Chaudhary and Harpal Singh, who were jailed in different criminal cases, had become friends through the social media platform facebook in 2018. After this, Harpal Singh introduced Rafiq Chaudhary to the fan page of gangster lawrence Bishnoi. There was firing outside salman Khan's house on april 14. After the firing the shooters fled on the bike. In this case, the Crime Branch has so far arrested Vicky Gupta, Sagar Pal, Anuj Thapan, Sonu Bishnoi, Rafiq Chaudhary. Anuj Thapan had committed suicide in police custody after his arrest. According to the police, Harpal Singh was an important link in this case, as he was in direct contact with Anmol Bishnoi. Harpal Singh had helped accused Mohammad Rafiq Chaudhary to join lawrence Bishnoi gang. He had also added Rafiq Chaudhary to a whatsapp group in which other members of the gang were included.

Harpal Singh has been to jail before also

The officer said that Harpal Singh was earlier arrested in two cases. He has just come out after spending some 11 months in jail. After coming out of jail, Harpal Singh included Rafiq Chaudhary in the plan of firing outside salman Khan's house. He told Rafiq Chaudhary that if he was caught, he would be out on bail within three months. But the police have imposed MCOCA in the firing case, which makes it difficult for any criminal to get bail. Also, a fine ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 was imposed on Harpal Singh.

Earlier, mumbai Crime Branch had arrested the 5th accused Mohammad Rafiq. Chaudhary had given money to both shooters Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta and had asked them to do recce of Salman's house. Now after the arrest of Harpal Singh, it has come to light that he had asked Rafiq to do this by paying him money. police said that efforts are being made to find out from where Harpal Singh was getting the money. The officer said that Rafiq had already told Harpal Singh that if he was caught, he would reveal his name. Rafiq Chaudhary, arrested from a village in Nagaur district in Rajasthan, used to regularly talk with Anmol Bishnoi and Rohit Gudara on Signal and other calling apps. He had told the shooters that Anmol Bishnoi had given him a bigger task than them. After the firing incident, mumbai Crime Branch first arrested the shooters and then the arms dealers.

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