Rakhi Sawant has tumor in her uterus…

Rakhi Sawant was admitted to the hospital on 15 May. He was complaining of chest pain. Pictures of Rakhi lying on the hospital bed went viral on social media. After this, Rakhi's fans became worried and wanted to know what happened to her. Now Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh has given Rakhi's health update.

Complaint of chest pain

While talking to Times Now, Ritesh told what happened when Rakhi was admitted. Ritesh said, 'Rakhi was complaining of chest pain for 2-3 days. We ignored it and thought maybe it was due to dehydration. However, the pain continued and then she started saying that her left hand was hurting. He was having difficulty even walking. Then she suddenly held her chest tightly and lay down in the car. We immediately got him admitted to the hospital.

Tumor in Rakhi's uterus

Ritesh further said, 'Rakhi underwent many tests and the doctors told that there is a tumor in Rakhi's uterus. Doctors suspect that it may be cancer. Rakhi's mother also had cancer. Right now the doctors are investigating. Initially Rakhi was fine. She was talking to us. But by night he started having pain again. She was worried the whole night. Doctors gave him medicines. He is not completely stable yet. Ritesh also said that we had got Rakhi admitted due to chest pain. But during the investigation we came to know a lot more. Doctors have suggested angiography.

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