'Those who were refusing to do the role were in right place'!!!

Richa Chadha stated that those who had refused her were also right in their place. Richa says, "They were right in their place because they thought that if I play this character, other ways of earning may be affected." However, she said that it is your job to decide. Whether you choose iconic characters or keep those categories open as well.

'I don't mind earning money from other categories'

Richa says that apart from films, she has no qualms about earning money in other ways like ads and dance shows, but for this I do not want to give up my work and doing the roles of my choice. In response to this question, did the fear about the role of Bholi Punjaban that it might affect your earnings prove to be true or did it remain a fear? Richa says, “I had no such fear. It didn't make any difference. people around knew it and they are right in their place because they know the business. When asked about Richa's next projects, she told that after 'Hiramandi' I am going on a break of 6 months. Apart from this, one of his films is in edit.

About fukare

Fukrey is one of those few bollywood films, whose sequels keep coming after sequels. Pulkit and Richa from the star cast of the film told us in a conversation that they hope to see more parts of it in the future. Let us tell you that one similarity between the films of 'Fukrey' and 'Dhoom' series is that when the first parts of both were made, no one knew that they were going to become such big hits. When people started getting love, like Dhoom, after Fukrey, Fukrey Returns and last year Fukrey 3 were also released. This is going to premiere on &pictures on 19th May at 12 noon.

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