Poonam Pandey revealed BF had leaked her bathroom video, saying- 'I can never forget..

Recently, actress poonam pandey, while talking about her bathroom video which was leaked years ago, said that it was leaked by her ex-boyfriend. Let us tell you.

Poonam Pandey is that Bollywood actress, who is known for her controversial statements and bold photos more than her films. Once the bathroom video of the actress went viral, which shocked everyone. Now, years after this incident, Poonam has revealed that the video was leaked by her ex-boyfriend. 

Poonam Pandey talked about her viral video

Let us tell you that in her viral video, Poonam was seen dancing while taking a bath and this video went viral on social media, which was blocked by YouTube. Now, in one of her recent interviews, poonam pandey has talked about her leaked video and said that it was posted by her ex-boyfriend. 

In a conversation with 'HauterrflyPoonam said, “I still remember and I will never forget. We had a scuffle and I just wanted to save myself. He wanted to cut my hair with a trimmer. So I managed to get the trimmer from him and somehow ran away from the room, but I forgot to take my phone because then I just had to save myself. Then, I reached home and told my dad everything. I told them what had happened. She called the man and said, 'What are you doing with my daughter?

Poonam further said that her ex had threatened her of leaking the video, but she thought how can someone stoop so low, so she did not believe it. In Poonam's words, "She spoke to me on my father's phone and said, 'If you don't come back, I will post a video on your instagram page.still refused to go, so he said, 'You don't trust me.I never thought he would stoop that low. You might be an animal, but at least you would have the decency to say that I am your girlfriend. But he posted the video. ''

Poonam described the time after the video went viral as the worst and said that when she was going through this bad time, her ex-boyfriend was getting praise from her friends. Poonam says, "The worst thing after the video went viral was that when I was going through this phase, she was getting calls from her friends saying, 'You are a rockstar, boss', 'You have become a hero.'''''

Talking about Poonam Pandey's films, she has been seen in films like 'Nasha', 'The journey of Karmaand 'Love in a Taxi'. He was also seen in Kangana Ranaut's reality show 'Lock Up'.

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