Rakhi Sawant To Undergo Surgery For Tumour In Uterus: 'I've Never Given Up In Life, I'm Going To Fight'

Rakhi Sawant, who is in hospital, told her fans that she has a 10 cm tumor and is scheduled to undergo surgery on May 18.

Rakhi Sawant to undergo surgery: Rakhi Sawant, who is in hospital, shared an update about her health. She told her fans that she has a 10 cm tumor and is scheduled to undergo surgery on May 18. Images of Sawant in a hospital bed were doing the rounds on social media for a couple of days.  Ritesh Singh, Sawant’s ex-husband had earlier stated that she has a tumor in her uterus. Rakhi spoke to ETimes and shared about her health situation. 

Rakhi gives her health update

“I will be fine very soon, I am facing health issues. I have a 10 cm tumor and will be undergoing surgery on Saturday. I am not able to talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep you all updated about my condition. He will inform everyone about the hospital also. I will show the tumor, once the surgery is done. I had to be admitted because, before the surgery, things needed to be brought under control like blood pressure and all. I don't know the exact details as I am not a doctorI'm an actor,” Sawant told

She expressed her gratitude towards the medical team attending to her. "Doctors are best here and they are doing their job perfectly. I've never given up in life and fought many obstacles and battles since childhood. I am going to fight in the operation theatre as well. I know nothing is going to happen to me as I've my mother's blessings with meshe's there with me. I am a fighter and I'll come back, nothing will happen to me. Chota sa tumour hi toh hai nikal jaayega. (It’s a small tumor and will be cured). I'll come back and dance and sing. I'll entertain people again.” 

On her diagnosis

Reflecting on her unexpected diagnosis, Sawant shared, “I had no idea that there was a tumor, I was dancing in the towel and when I returned home I fainted. Ritesh Ji rushed me to the hospital. After all the reports it was found I have a tumour. But I know I'll be back to entertain everyone,”   

Earlier, Ritesh Singh confirmed Rakhi’s condition to the paparazzi, highlighting the severity of her health issues. “Rakhi has made her image such that people feel that whatever she does is only drama. I will be blunt and I am not afraid of anyone. So if I am saying that she (Rakhi) is critical, then she is critical. Half of the people feel that she is making controversy, while others feel that she is doing it for the camera. I would want people, who know her, to pray for her speedy recovery and wish that she heals soon,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi’s estranged husband Adil Durrani has called her hospitalisation a drama to escape from the legal proceedings. 

Bombay high court recently dismissed her anticipatory bail in a case filed by Adil, who accused her of distributing his private, sexually explicit videos to media channels.

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