This superstar used to spend nights on the sets…

In the history of indian cinema, the name of 'Sholay' is taken among the historical films. There are many stories about the blockbuster film of amitabh bachchan and Dharmendra's career, about which the star cast associated with it keeps telling. When hema malini and Ramesh Sippy came to the quiz reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati 14, many stories were shared. dharmendra and amitabh bachchan also told many stories related to the film which became memorable moments of 'KBC'. Ramesh Sippy directed and produced the film Sholay.

The pairing of amitabh bachchan and dharmendra was very much liked in the film Sholay. It has been almost 49 years since the film was released but the makers still remember every episode. When Ramesh Sippy and hema malini were sitting on the hot seat of KBC and amitabh bachchan was sitting on the host seat, a similar incident was shared.

Dharmendra narrated a funny story

When hema malini and Remash Sippy were sharing talks in KBC 14, dharmendra also came on video call and narrated an incident. dharmendra had told that the set of the film Sholay was installed at a place in Bangalore. The entire star cast used to reach the set by car and from the hotel to the hotel but dharmendra did not do so. He used to sleep on the same set and he enjoyed sleeping under the sky. He always liked the village-like atmosphere and the set of the film looked like that. One day amitabh bachchan also stayed with dharmendra on the set and then the next day they went out to Bangalore by car. On the way, their car broke down and the car stopped near the forest which scared them but then somehow the auto came and both of them ran back towards the set with it. dharmendra was also laughing while telling this story and other people also started laughing.

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