New difficulties will come in front of Anupama!!!

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer 'Anupamaa' is attracting everyone's attention due to its interesting twists and turns. This show is ruling at number one on the TRP chart. Fans recently saw that Anupama won the Superstar Chef competition. She is very happy, Anu was enjoying her success and also decided to put the winning amount to good use. He handed over the money to Yashdeep so that he could restart the masala and chutney restaurant.

New difficulties faced by Anupama

However, Yashdeep made Anu the business partner of the restaurant. Things were going smoothly for Anu but we recently saw the promo where people throw stones at Spice and Chutney and Anu's winning trophy is also snatched away. Apart from this, it seems that Anu is going to face another challenge. On the other hand, the wedding date of Dimpy and Titu is also about to be finalised. Vanraj is not happy with this but Titu agrees to live with the Shah family in their house. He and Dimpy are very happy and Ansh has also accepted Titu as his father. Things were going well between the two but in the coming episodes we will see Titu getting worried about something.

Dimpy will tell her past to Titu

Fans will also see Dimpy's past coming back to haunt her. We saw the boy who raped Dimpy and met her again. After this Dimpy will decide to tell Titu about her past. But Titu will get upset about this and will ask Dimpy not to bring the past between them. He will be tensed after hearing Dimpy's confession. In the upcoming episodes, fans will also see Anu and Anuj coming to india for Titu and Dimpy's wedding. They will soon come to know that Titu is related to the people who raped Dimpy. It seems that Titu was there when Dimpy was attacked. It will be interesting to see how Anu, Anuj and Vanraj will react to this truth and whether they will forgive Titu.

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