This crime thriller film will shake your mind!!!

There is a lot of content available for you to watch on OTT. But seeing so many things leads to confusion as to what to see and what not to see. Many people like to watch comedy, but some people also like to watch crime thriller films and series. So today we have brought for you a malayalam crime thriller film, whose climax will blow your mind. The name of this crime thriller film is Eratta.

These stars are in the lead roles

Eratta is a film written and directed by Rohit MG Krishnan. He has made his directorial debut with this film. The film was produced by Sijo Vadakkan under the banner of Appu Pathu Pappu, and produced under the banner of Martin Prakkat Films. The co-producer of the film is Martin Prakkat. Joju George, Anjali, arya Salim and Srikant murali are in lead roles in this film.

What is the story of Errata?

In this story written by Rohit MG Krishnan, a policeman dies while on duty at Vagamon police station. After this the story revolves around his separated twin brother. The film begins with the murder of ASI Vinod Kumar, twin brother of DYSP Pramod. There are three suspects in this murder, ASI John, CPO Bineesh and SCPO Sandeep. All three police officers worked with Vinod at Vagamon police station and had enmity with Vinod due to different reasons. When all three tell different things about this matter, it is revealed that Vinod was an alcoholic and also had an extra-marital affair.

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