Shahrukh Khan had become a real life hero!!!

Shahrukh Khan remains fully active in IPL. Shahrukh definitely arrives in every match to cheer for his team kolkata Knight Riders. Shahrukh's team is also performing very well in this season of IPL. Shahrukh's family also goes with him to watch the IPL match. Especially his children Abram and Suhana Khan. Shahrukh is very protective of his children and when it comes to Suhana, he becomes over-protective. A similar controversy took place 12 years ago during the IPL, after which shahrukh khan was banned from Wankhede Stadium for 5 years. This story is from IPL season 5 and 2012. When kolkata Knight Riders defeated mumbai Indians at Wankhede Stadium. After which Shahrukh went to the field with Suhana. Where the security guard had a scuffle with Suhana, after which Shahrukh Khan's anger reached sky high.

Shahrukh had fought for his daughter

Shahrukh Khan had narrated this story in AAP's court. He had said- My children died there with me and I thought they had some kind of influence. The security guard said- remove it from here. I told them – these are my children and I am taking them. After that, there was a man there who said such a word to him, being from Delhi, I found that abusive. A little religious, that was wrong. After that I lost my temper, I went mad and I went to kill him.

Shahrukh was banned for 5 years

MCA had banned king Khan from Wankhede Stadium for 5 years after he had a fight with the security guard at Wankhede Stadium. However, this ban was removed after 3 years.

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