Rakhi Sawant herself gave her health update!!!

Rakhi Sawant is often in discussions on social media. Everyone is aware of his drama and loudness. But when suddenly a few days ago, Rakhi Sawant's pictures from the hospital bed went viral, everyone was surprised to see them. On one hand, Rakhi's ex-husband called all this just a drama.

Rakhi Sawant herself gave her health update

Whereas Ritesh Singh was seen standing in her support and said that Rakhi's condition is really quite serious. bigg boss fame rakhi sawant herself has now revealed that her surgery will be done on Saturday. Rakhi said, 'I will recover very soon, I am facing a lot of problems regarding my health. Doctors have found a 10 cm tumor in my uterus and I will have surgery on it on Saturday.

Rakhi further said, 'I am not able to talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep you all informed about my condition. He will also give information to everyone about the hospital. After the surgery is done, I will show the tumor to everyone. I had to be admitted because blood pressure and everything needed to be brought under control before the surgery.

Rakhi became emotional before undergoing surgery

While giving health update, Rakhi further said, 'The doctors here are the best and they are doing their work very well. I have never given up in life and have faced many battles since childhood. I am also going to fight in the operation theatre. I know that nothing is going to happen to me because my mother's blessings are with me. Crying Rakhi called herself a fighter and said that she would soon come back to entertain people.

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