Attack on Kanhaiya Kumar of garlanding him...

Kanhaiya Kumar, congress candidate from North east delhi seat, was attacked by a man on the pretext of garlanding him. The person slapped Kanhaiya Kumar. Kanhaiya Kumar's team alleges that bjp candidate manoj tiwari is behind this attack, the attackers are close to Manoj Tiwari.

What did the police say?

AAP councilor Chhaya Sharma informed the police about this incident. According to the police, they received a call about the incident at 6:53 pm on friday evening. It was told that this incident took place in 4th Floor, Swami Subramaniam Bhavan, your office. Kanhaiya Kumar had attended a meeting at this place. Chhaya Sharma was the organizer of this meeting. After this meeting Chhaya Sharma came to drop Kanhaiya Kumar. Meanwhile, some people came and started garlanding Kanhaiya Kumar. After garlanding, some people threw ink on Kanhaiya Kumar and tried to attack him. When Chhaya tried to intervene, she was abused and threatened. The inspection of the matter is going on.

Pappu Yadav angry at BJP

Pappu Yadav has condemned this incident. He said, "BJP dug its own grave by attacking Kanhaiya Kumar ji during the election campaign in Delhi. This is extremely sad and shameful. The great people of delhi will now give a strong reply by confiscating BJP's deposits on all seven seats!"

Congress leader Ritu Choudhary wrote on X, "News are coming that manoj tiwari and some pet goons of bjp have committed violence with our North-East delhi candidate Kanhaiya Kumar. Fearing defeat, the bjp people have done this cowardly act. It has been done, the people of delhi will definitely answer for it."

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