'Tomorrow at 12 o'clock I will bring all the leaders to bjp headquarters, arrest them'

Swati Maliwal Assault Case: 'Tomorrow at 12 o'clock I will bring all the leaders to bjp headquarters, arrest them' Arvind Kejriwal's challenge to PM Modi.Arvind kejriwal said in a press conference that PM Modi is playing 'jail-jail game'. Why are you arresting one by one, arrest everyone together.

Swati Maliwal Assault Case: arvind kejriwal, who was silent for 4 days on the allegations of attack on aam aadmi party (AAP) rajya sabha MP swati Maliwal, came in front of everyone on saturday evening. delhi Chief minister kejriwal has targeted prime minister Narendra Modi during a press conference. After the arrest of his PA Vibhav Kumar in the swati Maliwal case, he has accused prime minister Modi of playing 'jail-jail game'. arvind kejriwal has challenged that instead of arresting AAP leaders one by one, arrest all of them together. kejriwal said, 'I am coming to BKJP headquarters tomorrow (Sunday, May 19) with all my leaders. If you have courage then show it by arresting all of us together.

Kejriwal expressed his views through a live video on the social media of aam aadmi party on saturday evening. kejriwal has challenged prime minister Narendra Modi in a video of about 2 minutes 49 seconds. The special thing is that during this time, along with the arrested leaders of AAP, he also mentioned the arrest of his PA Vibhav Kumar, but did not say a single word about swati Maliwal.

Jariwal's special aide Vibhav Kumar, whose arrest sparked controversy, 'These people are after us'

Arvind kejriwal said, 'You people are seeing how he (PM Modi) has gone after the Aam Aadmi Party. Our leaders are being put in jail one after the other. Put me in jail. manish Sisodia was put in jail, Satyendra Jain was put in jail, sanjay singh was put in jail. Today my PA was also put in jail. Raghav Chadha has just returned from London. Now they are saying that they will also put Raghav Chadha in jail. In a few days they will put Saurabh Bhardwaj in jail, Atishi will also be put in jail.

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