CSK lost because of DHONI's 110-meter six, Dinesh Karthik's big revelation

RCB IPL 2024 Playoff Spot: It happens very rarely that mahendra singh dhoni is seen upset during the match. chennai Super Kings team lost an important match against Bengaluru on saturday i.e. 18th May. After losing this match, former chennai Super Kings captain mahendra singh dhoni looked very disappointed. On the other hand, RCB players celebrated this victory with great enthusiasm.

Karthik revealed the secret

  royal challengers Bangalore has entered the playoffs by defeating chennai Super Kings by 27 runs. After reaching the playoffs, RCB players made a lot of noise in the dressing room also. After the victory, Bengaluru's experienced wicketkeeper-batsman dinesh karthik made a big revelation. He revealed a big secret to his teammates in the dressing room.

Dhoni's six changed the match dinesh karthik told how the 110-meter six hit by mahendra singh dhoni was in favor of RCB. dinesh karthik said that mahendra singh dhoni hit a strong six on the very first ball of yash Dayal and took the ball out of the stadium. Due to this a new ball had to be brought. It was not easy for the batsmen to hit shots with the new ball.

Only one run in the last five balls According to dinesh karthik, mahendra singh dhoni also contributed to the victory of Royal Challenger Bangalore. dinesh karthik said that if mahendra singh dhoni had not played that kind of shot, perhaps this match would have slipped out of the hands of the RCB team. Due to the new ball being hard, the bowlers were able to dodge the batsman with it. yash Dayal spent only one run in four balls with the new ball. It is very rare to see a team score only one run in four balls in the last over.

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