Rakhi Sawant is not doing any drama this time!!!

Recently, Rakhi Sawant's viral pictures from the hospital had surprised everyone. Some fans expressed concern about her health, while many after seeing Rakhi's photos, said that this was just a drama of hers. However, now the hospital has finally revealed that Rakhi is actually admitted there and her surgery is going to be done today.

Hospital confirms Rakhi Sawant's surgery

Late on friday night, hospital officials confirmed that rakhi sawant is admitted there and told that she will undergo surgery on saturday i.e. this afternoon. He said, 'Rakhi is undergoing surgery on Saturday. He is undergoing operation. The actress is being looked after by a gynecologist. However, the hospital did not give any confirmation or information about the tumor in Rakhi's uterus. He further said, 'Please contact his family or friends for further health updates.'

A few days ago, after Rakhi Sawant's pictures from the hospital went viral on social media, Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh raj Singh had told that doctors had detected a tumor in her uterus. Ritesh had even said that doctors suspect that Rakhi may also have cancer. Ritesh said, 'He was admitted to the hospital after complaining of chest pain. Doctors are taking care of him. They discovered a tumor in her uterus. He also had pain in his stomach.

Rakhi Sawant herself gave health update

On friday night, rakhi sawant shared her health update by sharing a video. In the video, Rakhi was seen on the hospital bed and asked fans to pray for her. Rakhi said, 'My friends. I am missing going out and travelling. I am in the hospital, I have surgery in the morning. I am missing you a lot. What kind of dress am I wearing? I am not used to wearing full clothes. Are you understanding? I don't like these hospital clothes, I want to recover soon, I want to have a lot of fun.

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