Cannes 2024: urvashi rautela stuck in the door!!!

'Cannes 2024' festival is going on in france and many actresses from bollywood attended it. The name of one of these actresses, bollywood actress urvashi rautela, is also included. You will be able to see her pictures on Urvashi's instagram in which she is looking very beautiful. urvashi wore different dresses and made fans crazy. But one of her dresses surprised and troubled her. A video of urvashi rautela has surfaced in which she wore such a dress due to which a strange situation happened with her and everyone was surprised to see that video. Let us tell you what happened to urvashi Rautela?

Strange situation happened with urvashi in 'Cannes 2024'

Urvashi attracted people's attention in different dresses at 'Cannes Film festival 2024'. While everyone was surprised to see her beautiful style, the actress herself got upset and surprised because of a dress. It happened that actress urvashi rautela wore a white dress and it was quite big from below. Because of that dress, when she was coming out of the door, she got stuck in the revolving door. With this, urvashi rautela became the first actress in the world with whom such a strange situation happened. The actress had to face a lot of trouble during that time but after some time she came out of there.

Urvashi Rautela looked very beautiful in red dress

Before this, urvashi rautela shared some videos and pictures in red dress on her Instagram. By seeing these pictures and videos you will also become his fan. While sharing these, the actress wrote, '77th festival Cannes 2024.'


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