Kapil Sharma roasted himself, made fun of himself!!!

 The 8th episode of Kapil Sharma's show 'The Great indian Kapil Show' has been streamed on Netflix. Fountains of laughter were seen erupting from the very beginning of the show. Kapil's entry in the show was like that of a troubled person who does not know English. Now Kapil is Kapil, even if he does not know english, he speaks in english only. Therefore, he made many attempts to memorize english with paper in his hand. Seeing this, archana puran singh was seen making fun of him.

Kapil told that this time Ed Sheeran is coming on his show, so it is important to memorize english before meeting him. On the other hand, Ed Sheeran was seen doing the opposite. He appeared to be under pressure that if he was coming for a hindi show, he should know Hindi. He was seen memorizing Hindi.

Kapil-Ed Sheeran succeeded in making everyone laugh while reciting english and Hindi.

When kapil sharma messes up while reciting in english, he starts roasting himself. He jokingly says that the english we learned in childhood changed after coming out. He explains with an example that the education taught to us in childhood, which we came to know later, is called education. Apart from this, he was also seen telling that the word which he called 'Schedule', he later came to know is called 'Schedule'. On the other hand, seeing Ed Sheeran memorizing in hindi, he also laughs and says that today I came to know that his education was also similar to ours.

Kapil also gave the reason why he does not know English.

Kapil has a box of jokes. He made another amazing joke. He said that he used to look at the english speaking madam more than the madam's English. Therefore his english became weak in school. Kapil did not stop here. He told that he had heard that one can learn english by watching english films. So he started watching english films. But instead of Angelina Jolie, he started seeing Angelina Jolie. Because of this he remained weak in English.

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