He was the first contestant to tie the knot in the fastest time on Cook with Clown! 

As 'Cook With Komali' Season 5 started recently, who was the contestant who got eliminated in the first elimination? The information is now out. The celebrity has also posted a post on his social media about this.

'Cook with Komali' is being aired on Vijay tv as a show full of comedy and fun, focusing on the art of cooking. The show started in 2019 and is currently in its 5th season.Since the first season, the show has been judged by host venkatesh Bhatt and world record holder in cooking Tamu, with a few changes in the fifth season, venkatesh Bhatt jumped to the SunTV show. Also, the producer and director of 'Cook with Komali' is currently working on Top Kuku Doob Kuku.

Will 'Cook With Komali' Season 5 Start Early? While there was a huge doubt, the show has started with a brand new glow with a new team. This time Madhampatti Rangarajan is the judge along with him. Similarly, this time Manimekalai has entered the fray along with Raksan as host.

The contestants are Akshay Kamal, Shalin Zoya, divya Duraisamy, music director srikanth deva, super singer Pooja, VTV Ganesh, food reviewer Irrfan, Pandian Stores Sujitha, serial actor Vasanth Vashi, host priyanka Desh Pandey. Ram, Shabnam, Ansita, KP Y Vinod have joined as new clowns.In the first week of Cook with komali Season 5, which got off to a very lively start, Sujitha bagged the Check of the Week. In the second week after him, it was reported that both Vasant Vasi and Akshay Kamal bagged the check of the week. Actress Radha has participated as a guest to make this show interesting.

In this elimination week, the information about who will be the first contestant to leave the show is now out. Accordingly, music director srikanth deva and TDF Vasan's girlfriend Shalin Zoya were in the danger zone, and Shalin Zoya was kicked out of the duo this week.He has also posted a warm post on his social media about this. Even though I have been acting in films for many years, I got all the fame I didn't get then through this show. He said that he is very happy to participate in this program. It is noteworthy that Shalin Zoya will participate again through the wild card round despite being eliminated now.

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