Lok Sabha elections 2024: akshay kumar Casts Vote For The First Time After Regaining indian Citizenship

After urging people to vote, Akshay Kumar himself arrived at a polling booth in mumbai on monday to cast his vote for the fifth phase of lok sabha elections 2024.

After urging people to vote, Akshay Kumar himself arrived at a polling booth in mumbai Monday to cast his vote for the fifth phase of lok sabha elections 2024. A video of Akshay casting his vote has been doing the rounds on social media. Interestingly, akshay kumar is casting his vote after renouncing his Canadian citizenship in 2019. Kumar received the letter of indian citizenship on august 15, 2023. 

On monday morning, akshay kumar was seen at a polling station in Mumbai casting his vote. Take a look.

Akshay Kumar also told the media that he was feeling great after casting his vote and urged people to use their vote judiciously.

Akshay Kumar urging people to vote

Earlier, on Saturday, Akshay had shared a video urging people to vote. "Boston, waqt aya hai matdaan ka. Haan, lok sabha elections phases mainho raha hai. Ab aapki baari hai ( Friends, it's time to vote. The lok sabha 2024 elections are happening in phases and now it is your turn) He had said.

"On May 20 you will be getting an opportunity which one finds in five years -- to exercise your right to vote and to elect your lok sabha member. Don't miss this opportunity as every vote counts."

"Perform your duty for the country like our mumbai Police will be doing at every polling booth so that the voters do not face any inconveniences. Our mumbai Police always perform this duty every day," he added.

Akshay Kumar Canadian citizenship

For those unaware, akshay kumar applied for Canadian citizenship back in the 1990s when 15 of his films bombed at the box office in a row. After many years in 2019, he renounced his Canadian citizenship but the process could not be completed due to the pandemic.

He finally received a letter of indian citizenship on august 15, 2023. Kumar announced this news on his official instagram handle with a post that read, "It so happened that I got my citizenship on august 15 only. I got my letter that day only."

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