Cannes 2024: Urvashi rautela's Custom 'Dancing Fish' Necklace Grabs All Attention

Urvashi Rautela sported a fish-neckpiece adorned with a blue gown at her most recent red carpet appearance at Cannes 2024.

Once again, urvashi rautela was the center of attention at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. This time, it was her jewelry, not her clothing, that was the center of attention. Her one-of-a-kind fish necklace stood out. urvashi took to instagram to share her new Cannes look, wearing a midnight blue gown. She was also wearing a custom-made dancing fish necklace. Let us decode her style.

At the 77th Cannes Film Festival, urvashi rautela was a sight to see as she walked the red carpet for the premiere of ‘Emilia Perez’, captivating onlookers with her presence. 

Urvashi Rautela's Dancing fish Necklace 

Urvashi’s custom-made diamond dancing fish necklace stole the spotlight. The exquisite necklace by Pavit Gujral Designs and La Marquise Jewellery features a dual-tone, ombre-like design, with a dark pink body seamlessly blending into a silver tail. 

A small sapphire-colored stone at the fish's mouth adds a unique charm to the piece, making it a standout accessory.

Fans’ Reaction to Urvashi rautela's Cannes Look

Several admirers took to the comment area to call urvashi a ‘stunner’.

One fan wrote, "Look at the aura she holds !! You’re the best", and another one said, "Gorgeous lady on the red carpet."

Showing their obsession, one fan wrote, "I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you my crush forever.Another one declared urvashi as "Most beautiful girl in India."

Details About Urvashi rautela's Blue Gown

For her third red carpet appearance, urvashi wore a dark blue gown from Polish designer's label Sylvia. Fashionistas are gushing over the ensemble. The gown had intricate embroidery reminiscent of space, a strapless bodice, and a plunging neckline. The floor-length hem and sequin embellishments added more depth to the gown.

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