Rajkumar Rao dropped out of the film overnight...

Rajkumar Rao is busy in film promotions these days. His film srikanth is running in theaters and is earning well. The second film Mr. and Mrs. mahi is ready for release. Jhanvi Kapoor is in the female lead role in Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. karan johar has produced the film. In a recent interview, karan johar, without taking names, said that some celebrities are claiming that being an outsider has affected their casting opportunities. karan said that some people blamed him for not attending the party and not getting the roles. karan said that despite attending many events, I do not remember offering a role to anyone in the party.

Did Rajkumar get a role in the party?

 On this, Rajkumar said that when he came to Mumbai, he was also advised to attend parties and make connections. rajkumar rao said that it is good to network, but going to the party just to network seems dishonest. Then karan asked Rajkumar if he had ever been offered a role in a party? So rajkumar rao refused. However, then rajkumar rao said that he definitely lost roles because of Starkid.

Film lost because of Starkid

On losing the film to Starkid, rajkumar rao said, 'What happened in my case was that I was going to do a film. Then there was no part in that film overnight. Whoever was famous and was a star kid got that film. At that time I felt that this was not fair. Because you can control things, you know people, you can't do that. This is not right.'

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