This hollywood actress, sitting thousands of kilometers away…

Our indian culture is appreciated in many countries of the world and many foreigners also follow it. Similar is the case with a hollywood actress who got so impressed by a baba of our country that she adopted Hindu religion. This hollywood actress also goes to the temple and chants.

This hollywood beauty is Julia Roberts, who is counted among the top American actresses. Who started believing in Hindu religion just after seeing a picture of a Baba. In an interview given to ABC News, when she was asked how she started believing in hinduism, she told that she followed hinduism after seeing a photo of neem Karoli Baba.

Became a Hindu after seeing this Baba's photo!

Julia said- 'I practice, I practice a lot of things. hinduism is something that I am very influenced by and have a lot of interest in. This neem came from seeing a picture of a guru named Karoli Baba. I was very attracted by this picture of this person and I didn't know who he was or what he was about, but I felt a very deep interest. Julia further told that before seeing the photo of her neem Karoli baba, he had passed away.

Hollywood actress goes to temple

In an interview given to Elle in 2011, Julia Roberts had also revealed about following Hinduism. He had said- 'I am absolutely a Hindu. I have become very spoiled in this life with my friends and family. Next time, I just want to be a little calmer and more supportive. I go to the temple to chant, pray and celebrate.

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