Dhanush is good.. But has no affection for Aishwarya..''

In a recent interview, famous producer Manikam Narayanan spoke about gv prakash - Chainthavi split and dhanush - aishwarya Rajini.

Speaking about this, he said, "Women today think that they should enjoy everything. When money comes, they behave without understanding. My point is, women standing on their own is the reason why divorces happen here. I think women should challenge me on this. Recently I heard that gv prakash – Chaindavi got divorced. I was very sad. No man or woman can exist without strength.

When men go wrong, women adapt and cope. Some women ask questions. For me, I think it's better for women to adjust a bit. Above 60, 70 years you need a companion gnutip. Not everyone can live here as solidly as Sivakumar.

So I think life is about both realizing their mistake and letting go. In a family both have to give up. Even women have to give up a little more. god has given women more of a giving nature by nature. My opinion is that women should adapt. It may even be wrong. But if you do that, three-quarters of the problems will be solved.

Dhanush – As for Aishwarya, I have heard that dhanush is loved by his sons. At the same time, I have also heard that the sons do not have much affection for mother Aishwarya. It depends on how you treat children at a young age,” he said.

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