"I don't have a daughter..this is the truth" - What is the latest news from Redin Kingsley's wife Sangeetha?


Sangeetha Redin Kingsley: Famous actor Redin Kingsley married small screen and silver screen actress sangeetha on 23rd december last year.

Renowned actor Redin Kingsley, who used to work as a dance teacher in the early days, played a small role in the film of Nelson dilip Kumar, who made his debut as a director with the 2018 film Kolamavu Kokila. Before that, he worked as a dance assistant in some films.

After that, after 2018, he has become the biggest comedian in these six years. It is noteworthy that 13 films were released in 2023 alone with Red's acting. Reddin, who has been acting in many films, married famous small screen actress Sangeeta on 23rd december 2023.

But the information that he married Sangeeta was already married and mother of a baby girl continued to spread. And actress Sangeeta, who has been denying it, opened up about her family life in a recent interview.

Speaking on it, she said, "They say I married Redin Kingsley for money. But I have the necessary money. I married him because of his good heart and character". Not only that, many people say that I have been married before".

"I have been hurt many times thinking about it. This is my first marriage, and they are publishing news on the internet saying that my brother's daughter is my daughter. I am not going to worry about it," he said.

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