These words from boney Kapoor's mouth…

Many love stories took birth in Bollywood. Many stories were successful but some love stories remained incomplete. boney kapoor and sridevi also have a name among the successful love stories. In the 80s, there used to be discussions about the affair of boney kapoor and sridevi in the cinema corridors.

Sridevi had become a pan india actress at that time, but she was criticized a lot after her affair with boney Kapoor. sridevi was also said to be the destroyer of boney Kapoor's first wife Mona Shourie's house. But ignoring the things of the world, both of them got married quietly and boney kapoor moved ahead in his relationship with Sridevi.

When boney kapoor broke his first wife's heart

After marrying sridevi, boney kapoor broke the hearts of his wife and children. The filmmaker suddenly decided to end everything and spend his life with Sridevi. After this step, a large section of fans were angry. After many years, when he reached the india Today women Summit program in the year 2013, boney kapoor remembered this difficult moment of his life, when he revealed it to his wife after his extra marital affair with sridevi turned into love.

Boney confessed the affair to his ex-wife

Boney Kapoor had said, I had confessed to my ex-wife that I love her. I couldn't stop myself'. Let us tell you that boney kapoor had dated sridevi for a long time before marriage. Both of them had kept their affair hidden, but still the media got wind of it and both of them were criticized a lot. However, despite all the criticism, there was never any rift in their relationship.

This was Mona Kapoor's reaction after hearing about the affair.

Boney Kapoor's first marriage was with Mona Shourie. They have two children Anshula Kapoor and arjun Kapoor. After marriage with Mona and two children, boney Kapoor's heart started beating for Sridevi. When boney kapoor told this to Mona Kapoor, she was deeply shocked. Actually Mona and sridevi were good friends. Mona also gave sridevi a place to stay in her house. That is why Mona Kapoor was not sure that this would happen to her. Mona had also given the tag of 'home broker' to Sridevi.

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