Salman Khan was not affected by the breakup...

salman khan is a superstar of Bollywood. He has given many blockbuster films in his career so far. salman khan has been very successful in his professional life. His personal life has also always been in the headlines. Especially the actor's love life has always been in the news. Of course, salman has not married till date but he has had relationships with many beauties of B Town. There was a lot of talk about Salman's affair with Somi ali and Sangeeta Bijlani. However, the actor's relationship with either of the beauties could not last. Now an actor has revealed that the breakup with Somi and Sangeet had no impact on Salman.

salman was not affected by the breakup with Somi Ali

Actually, actor pradeep Rawat, who has worked with Bollywood's Bhaijaan in many films like 'Tiger Zinda Hai', 'Baaghi: A Rebel for Love', recently talked about salman Khan's breakup. pradeep was once close to salman, but later he distanced himself. During an interview given to siddharth Kannan, pradeep rawat said about salman Khan's breakup with Somi Ali, “Salman Khan was not much affected. Somi ali was greatly affected by their breakup. salman is so good looking that he has no dearth of options. They were my friends and we used to sit together, eat together... They both used to tell me their side of the story.

 The breakup with salman had a greater impact on Sangeeta.

pradeep further talked about salman Khan's breakup with Sangeeta Bijlani.   pradeep told that breaking the relationship with salman had more impact on Sangeeta because she never wanted to lose Salman. When asked if salman was a heartbreaker, pradeep rawat made a shocking revelation and said, “Apparently, the breakup had a greater impact on Sangeeta. Who would want to lose a person like Salman? Sometimes things happen unknowingly and some misunderstandings occur. salman is a very pure and clean hearted person, he cannot hurt anyone.”

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