Pushpa Raj's simplicity won the hearts of fans

 Allu arjun left the luxury hotel and ate food at a dhaba with his wife, photo goes viral

Allu arjun was recently seen eating food at a small dhaba. His wife Sneha was also seen with the superstar. This simplicity of the actor has won the hearts of the fans.

South superstar allu arjun has a huge fan following across the world today. The actor emerged as a pan india star after the 2021 film Pushpa: The Rise. Now the sequel of the film (Pushpa 2) is also going to be released this year. Amidst all this, a photo of the actor is going viral which has won the hearts of the fans. In this, the actor was seen leaving a 5 star hotel and eating food with his wife Sneha in a small dhaba. This photo is going viral rapidly.

A picture of allu arjun is going viral very fast on the internet, in which he was seen with his wife in a small dhaba. During this, the actor was seen eating food and talking to someone on the phone. His wife Sneha was also seen eating food together. In such a situation, fans are praising him that despite being worth crores, he is having lunch at a small place. Seeing the simplicity of pushpa Star, people are praising her a lot.

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